General Luong Cuong chaired the meeting with Military Region 7's leaders.

Over the past time, Military Region 7 thoroughly embraced and strictly implemented resolutions and directives from higher levels on military, defense, and Party and political tasks. The military region’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command also issued guidelines and applied creative measures to build strong armed forces. They also paid due attention to political education, law dissemination, and the management of troop morale. In addition, the region focused on taking care of the troops’ material and spiritual lives and strengthening solidarity between military units and localities.

Meanwhile, Army Officer Training School No.2 made breakthrough changes in the quality of its training programs in particular and education and training work in general. The school strictly implemented key political missions with a focus on building a contingent of competent lecturers to meet task requirements, raising learning and teaching quality, as well as promoting the troops’ political stance.

Praising the two units’ achievements over the past time, General Cuong asked their leaders to foster leadership over the building of politically- ideologically- and organizationally-strong Party organizations. They were also requested to comprehensively implement political and ideological education to ensure the personnel’s firm political stance. Army Officer Training School No.2 should renew training contents and methods while closely following and predicting the situation as well as embracing troops’ thoughts.

He also urged the units to make thorough preparations for Party congresses at all levels, the 11th Military Party Congress and the 13th National Party Congress. 

Translated by Tran Hoai