Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia speaking at the conference  

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Trong Nghia, member of the Party Central Committee, GDP’s Deputy Director, chaired the event with the participation of representatives from military and civilian press agencies.

Over the past time, military press agencies and publishers have well reflected people’s and troops’ daily life, domestic and international events, the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws, socio-economic development, protection of national sovereignty over its borders, seas and islands as well as defense external relations.

In addition, the military press agencies and publishers have also covered impacts and consequences caused by natural disasters and the spirit of the whole country in supporting flood victims, contributing to promoting the beautiful image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers. Moreover, their publications have focused on the fight against hostile forces’ plot of “peaceful evolution” and the phenomena of “self-transformation” and “self-evolution.”

Concluding the event, General Nghia highly evaluated considerable achievements of the military press agencies and publishers in the third quarter. For the last quarter of 2017, he asked the units to work with other press agencies in renewing contents and forms of the information dissemination while focusing on expanding the implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress and the conclusions of the sixth plenum of the Party Central Committee (the 12th Party Congress), and especially those related to Party-building, political system’s construction, the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, the General Offensive and Uprising of 1968, training and combat readiness missions, Party and political work, and the fight against “peaceful evolution.”

Besides, they should also quickly and accurately cover major activities of the country in general and of the military in particular to make contribution to the national protection and defense cause.

Translated by Minh Anh