Delegates at the event

Over the past time, units well embraced resolutions and directives from higher levels in information dissemination, contributing to maintaining the political stance for troops. They promptly provided information related to military-defense missions and articles fighting against wrongful viewpoints and plots of hostile forces. Notably, military press agencies were in close collaboration with civilian counterparts to launch special editions and columns on newspapers and the Internet, contributing to orienting the public opinion.

In the coming time, the GDP required units to focus their work on disseminating information related to the Party’s resolutions at all levels, military-defense missions, the Politburo’s Directive No.05, emulation movements, and so on. The GDP also urged them to collaborate with central and local agencies to grasp all issues and tricks and plots of hostile forces.

In addition, military research institutes, academies, schools and press agencies were tasked to improve their publications for information dissemination.

Translated by Song Anh