In August, the whole military has comprehensively carried out Party and political work, completed all routine and unexpected missions on political education, information dissemination, orientation of public opinions. They have effectively fought against wrongful and inimical viewpoints of hostile forces, protected the Party’s ideological foundation, embraced and realized the Politburo’s resolution on further developing the defense industry by 2030 and following years.

At the conference

Together with ensuring security, safety, efficiency of mass mobilization work, personnel work, defense agencies and units have reviewed five years of implementing regulations on combined plans and work on Party and political work. In addition to stable thought, troops have shown absolute trust in the leadership of the Party, State, Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense as well as been ready to undertake and fulfil all assignments.

Concluding the meeting, General Cuong commended agencies and units for their efforts and duty completion.

Regarding the missions for September, the GDP chief asked them to continue implementing the Party and political work with a focus on raising troops’ awareness of and responsibility for Fatherland protection and military building; disseminating information about important political events and festivals of the nation and military. He also urged them to carry out the strategy on cultural development in the military by 2030 and the Standing Board of the Central Military Commission’s conclusion on promoting the direction and leadership over cultural, literary, and art work in the military in the new period.

Regarding the project on building the People’s Army Newspaper into a major multimedia press agency by 2030 with a vision to 2045, General Cuong asked the newspaper to work closely with functional agencies to speed up the completion of the project in the soonest time.

The GDP leader also requested agencies and units to direct the organization of congresses of Party organizations, implement the process on inspecting, monitoring, and enforcing discipline of all-level inspection committees in the Military Party Organization, strictly observe regulations on internal political protection, secret protection, and clarify and handle wrongdoings.

Outstanding groups honored at the event

General Cuong noted that functional agencies should guide the launch of emulation movements in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the “Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air” Victory (December 1972-2022), the review of the coordination between the Vietnam People’s Army and the Vietnam Veterans’ Association Central Committee in the 2017-2022 period; recommendations on the issuance of a circular guiding the search and repatriation and handover of remains of fallen troops. He also urged them to complete thorough preparations for the 10th Military Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Congress, and the congresses of the trade union organizations of the General Department of Defense Industry and Military Region 7.

On the occasion, certificates of merits were presented to six groups, including the People’s Army Newspaper, and 26 individuals with outstanding achievements in the national dance and music festival, winning press awards, and implementing the Central Military Commission’s Resolution No.765 on enhancing training quality in the 2013-2020 period and subsequent years.

Translated by Mai Huong