Reportedly, the Party and political work has been conducted comprehensively throughout the military in line with military-defense missions and real situations.

Particularly, all defense and military units seriously followed higher levels’ orders on combat readiness and welcoming the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival while enhancing political and ideological education for troops to fight wrongful viewpoints of hostile forces. Additionally, military press agencies have promptly reflected activities of all military units, the success of the 13th National Party Congress and combat readiness of troops in border areas and on islands during the recent Tet.

General Luong Cuong chairs the event.

The organs of the GDP well performed their tasks, especially in conducting COVID-19 prevention and control measures and ensuring logistical supplies for troops during the Tet.

Speaking at the event, General Cuong applauded efforts of the GDP’s organs in conducting Party and political work in the military last month, and asked them to continue following situational development, collaborate with relevant agencies to actively deal with regular tasks and unexpected situations, and enhance political education for troops.

He also stressed on the significance of military press agencies and requested them to enhance information dissemination on military units’ implementation of military-defense tasks, promote good examples in the military, and protect the Party’s ideological foundations in any circumstances.

The senior officer urged the GDP’s organs to quickly roll out their assigned missions in March, conduct COVID-19 prevention measures, and ensure logistical supplies for all troops to prevent the pandemic.

Translated by Trung Thanh