At the meeting

The event was chaired by General Luong Cuong, member of the Politburo and Director of the General Department of Politics.

Reportedly, military units embraced higher levels’ instructions on organizing Tet festival and implementing political education for troops. They launched numerous activities such as emulation drives, sports, competitions, and so on.

Meanwhile, military press agencies disseminated information related to the 13th National Party Congress in a timely manner and created a festive Tet atmosphere at units, on islands, and in border areas.

The military units have closely collaborated with local authorities to follow all situations, implement mass mobilization, and take care of policy beneficiaries during Tet holiday.

Speaking at the event, General Cuong hailed military units for the achievements over the past time. He urged them to continue embracing higher levels’ instructions and dealing with all situations to fulfill their assigned missions.

In the time to come, he required all units to complete their assigned tasks, especially COVID-19 prevention and control work.

On the occasion of the lunar new year beginning, General Cuong wished all troops and their families success and happiness.

Translated by Trung Thanh