Senior Colonel Truong Thien An, Deputy Political Commissar of the Phu Yen provincial Border Guard Command, held that over the past two years, the unit has organized 297 programs to disseminate laws to 9,887 people and 3,449 students in maritime border areas.

Troops of the Hoa Hiep Nam Border Post of the Phu Yen provincial Border Guard Command in a patrol session

Besides, the unit has also worked with local authorities and public security force to implement the movement themed “the whole people joining hands in protecting the national sovereignty over sea and islands and ensuring maritime border security,” attracting the participation of 2,441 fishermen. Together with troops of the border posts of Xuan Hoa, Xuan Dai, An Hai, Tuy Hoa, Hoa Hiep Nam, and Vung Ro Port Border Gate, they have promoted information dissemination, monitoring, and coordination to fight illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Phu Yen province has 1,939 fishing trawlers. In recent years, the provincial Border Guard Command had actively coordinated with local Fisheries Sub-department and authorities to mobilize fishing trawlers to install cruise monitoring devices. Thanks to the dissemination and inspection work, over the past four years and the first two months of 2024, no fishing boats of Phu Yen province were arrested by foreign authorities due to allegedly illegally catching fish.

In addition, knowing that local people are fulcrum in protecting national sovereignty, and ensuring political security, social order and safety in maritime border areas, over the past time, the local border force has paid much attention to social activities, supporting them to overcome difficulties and reduce poverty through many meaningful programs, such as “March in border areas,” “Border spring warms up people’s hearts,” “Cozy Tet (lunar New Year Festival),” and “Paving the way to school for children - Adopted children of border posts,” to name but a few.

Accordingly, since 2022, the border unit has donated and called on sponsors to present 3,509 gifts, 31 bicycles, 42 scholarships, 500 free meals, 100 bags of necessities, 300 Chung cakes, and 147 health insurance cards... worth totally more than VND 1 billion, to local people. Furthermore, the unit has also provided free health check-ups and medicines, and presented 1,000 national flags and Uncle’s Ho photos to local fishermen.

Troops of the Tuy Hoa Border Post of the Phu Yen provincial Border Guard Command always be ready to safeguard the national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Especially, the Phu Yen provincial Border Guard Command has also sent troops to mountainous areas to plant flowers and trees, repair roads, and offered 50 gifts to local people in Ea Ly commune, Song Hinh mountainous district, Phu Yen province, totally worth VND 134 million.

Secretary of the Ea Ly commune’s Party Committee Hoang Dinh Nam shared that local people felt moved as the border guards actively helped them clean up the environment, contributing to promoting the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the current context.

There are many difficulties and challenges facing local border troops in the time ahead. However, with high determination and efforts, they focus on implementing their tasks, building the border defense posture so as to ensure security and social order, and firmly protect national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Translated by Minh Anh