Sr. Lt. Gen. Vu Hai San speaks at the event.

This year, despite the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Party committees and commanding officers at all levels have effectively implemented the emulation movement “Military logistics sector follows Uncle Ho’s teachings.” Thereby, the military logistics sector has fulfilled basic targets, exceeding the set plan. In addition, the whole sector has ensured logistic services for troops undertaking all assigned missions, especially COVID-19 prevention and control work and important events.

In 2022, the emulation movement with the theme “Promoting exemplarity, strictly observing military discipline, proactively adapting, improving logistics capabilities, and completing all assigned missions” will focus on strengthening the implementation of “One focus, three breakthroughs, and five goods” in the logistics work.

At the conference

Closing the conference, General San, head of the steering board of the emulation movement, applauded logistics units and agencies for their positive results gained in 2021.

Regarding the movement in 2022, he required the military logistics sector to continue renewing the contents, methods of organizing the emulation movement and ensuring logistics services in accordance with the financial management system in the military. Meanwhile, the sector should concentrate on implementing key projects and programs in effective ways to enhance logistic assurance at all levels.

At the conference, delegates discussed other contents such as  proposals to reward individuals and collectives in a timely manner for their excellent achievements in the implementation of the emulation movement.

Translated by Quynh Oanh