The “Determined-to-win” movement has become a driving force for officers and soldiers to accomplish all assigned missions, contributing to building a strong Party organization and a comprehensively-strong, “typical and exemplary” unit.

Over the past time, with pro-activeness and creativity, Division 316 has overcome difficulties to successfully carry out the emulation and commendation work and the “Determined-to-win” movement.

Troops during a training session

The Emulation and Commendation Council at all levels has closely combined the “Determined-to-win” movement with the patriotic emulation movement, effective and creative models and ways. Through the “Determined-to-win” movement, the council has detected, honored and multiplied typical individuals and collectives.

It can be affirmed that the “Determined-to-win” movement has contributed to building strong agencies and units in terms of politics, ideology, ethics, organization and personnel, and raising troops’ political stance and determination to undertake and fulfill all assignments.

Every year, Division 316 carries out emulation movements on political education and law dissemination and education for troops, organizes political activities, forums, talks, etc., and compiles political documents to manage troops’ ideology. The internal political protection and mass mobilization work, policies, inspection and supervision are implemented effectively.

The division has focused on education work to raise troops’ awareness of combat readiness posture; mobilized thousands of troops to help people overcome natural disasters’ consequences; constructed combat projects; and conducted clearance of mines and explosives in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau provinces, and more on schedule and with absolute safety. The quality of logistics-technical affairs has been improved dramatically.

For the obtained achievements, Division 316 is one of the leading units in the “Determined-to-win” movement in Military Region 2 and the whole military. In 2019 and 2020, the division received the emulation flags of the Ministry of National Defense. In 2021, the unit was honored with the second-class Military Exploit Order, and other noble awards.

In the time to come, Division 316 will promote the emulation and commendation work and the “Determined-to-win” movement, with a focus on building strong agencies and units in terms of politics, ideology, ethics, organization and personnel and enhancing the quality of training.

Additionally, the division is determined to strengthen leadership, direction, and implementation of party committees and chains-of-command at all levels; promote the exemplary spirit among troops and party members; and uphold the role of mass organizations and the spirit of volunteerism and self-awareness of troops.

Also, the unit will concentrate on innovating contents, forms and methods of organizing the “Determined-to-win” movement and intensifying inspection and review work to promote the development of the movement, meeting task requirements in the new situations.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Trung Dac, Political Commissar of Division 316, Military Region 2

Translated by Quynh Oanh