PANO – During a tour to inspect law dissemination and education in army units, Senior Lieutenant-General Nguyen Thanh Cung, Deputy Defence Minister, led a high-ranking delegation to visit the military-run telecom group Viettel and the Artillery Corps.

At the meetings on May 30th and 31st, the two units’ leaders briefed the delegation on their results in carrying out law dissemination and education since the beginning of this year.

Particularly, the Artillery Corps instructed its subordinate units to increase troops’ awareness of grasping and executing State laws, military regulations and units’ discipline for three main problems, namely deserting units, gambling and drinking, and serious traffic accidents, as well as compiled 19 special projects with 40 subjects on educating troops with living skills.

Besides, the unit also seriously conducted “Law days” and “Law bookcase” activities to improve troops’ knowledge of State laws and army regulations. Over the past time, troops in units of the Artillery Corps gave more than 150 feedbacks on the amendment to the country’s 1992 Constitution and over 4,200 on the Amended Law on Land.

Meanwhile, Viettel combined law dissemination and education with building a strong Party organization and a comprehensive strong unit.

Addressing the ceremonies, General Cung highly valued the two units’ achievements in conducting law dissemination and education and also asked the units to continue to heighten troops’ revolutionary vigilance, strengthen their firm political stance, increase law education and dissemination, and diversify methods of law education and dissemination in the coming time.

Translated by Van Hieu