The meeting was attended by Director of the General Department of Politics General Luong Cuong, Chief of the General Staff Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong, and Deputy Defense Ministers Sr. Lt. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien, Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh, and Sr. Lt. Gen. Vu Hai San.

At the meeting

Reportedly, the Ministry of National Defense directed units in the whole military to comprehensively implement and accomplish all military-defense missions in July. In particular, military units maintained combat readiness, grasped all situations, ensured absolute safety and security for important events of the Party and State. In response to the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic in Southern localities, the ministry has set up a steering committee led by a deputy defense minister, built field hospitals and treatment zones for COVID-19 patients in Military Hospital 175, and sent troops, vehicles and medical equipment to support the COVID-19 fight.

The ministry also required all units to complete drafting of documents serving combat and finish construction works for military operations while conducting regular training and exercises and observing military disciplines.

In addition, the whole-military units were asked to enhance political and ideological education, disseminate information to raise troops’ awareness of the fight against wrongful viewpoints of hostile forces.

Additionally, numerous events were held by military units in celebration of the 74th anniversary of the Wounded Soldiers' and Martyrs' Day (July 27th, 1947 - July 27th, 2021)

Speaking at the meeting, General Giang stressed that amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole military has fulfilled all assigned missions, including combat readiness maintenance, training for the Army Games 2021, military recruitment, and so on. He spoke highly of the whole-military troops’ efforts and achievements over the past time, and urged them to continue completing their assigned missions in August with a focus on maintaining combat readiness, fighting the pandemic, implementing search and rescue operations, and enhancing defense relations affairs.

Translated by Trung Thanh