Maj. Gen. Le Dung addresses the event.

The event was attended by Commander of Command 86 Major General Le Dung, Political Commissar of Command 86 Lieutenant General Ho Van Duc, and 200 delegates from agencies and units across the military, the Authority of Information Technology Application under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The conference is held to enrich participants’ knowledge about information technology and digital transformation and their awareness of the significance and importance of the development of e-Government, digital government and digital transformation in defense agencies and military units.

The event will also update participating officers on new technologies and guidance to serve as foundation for agencies and units to build and carry out plan on promoting digital transformation. 

At the event

During the two-day meeting, participating officers from agencies and units across the military are going to study orientations for digital transformation, new technologies from the fourth industrial revolution to serve digital transformation, approaches to digital transformation, and building of digital transformation at agencies and units.

This conference is expected to create foundation for digital transformation in agencies and units across the military.

Translated by Tran Hoai