During the visits to Vinh Phuc and Hung Yen provinces, the defense minister was briefed on the provinces’ achievements in socio-economic development, security and defense consolidation, and pandemic prevention and control over the past time.

Highlighting Vinh Phuc province as a highlight of the country in socio-economic development and security and defense consolidation, General Giang asked the province’s Party Committee, authorities, and people to bring into play outcomes in 2021 and achieve more positive results this year. In addition, the province should pay attention to taking care of local people and raising their living standards, especially policy beneficiaries and needy people.  

General Phan Van Giang and the visiting delegation present gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy workers in Vinh Phuc province.

At the meeting with Hung Yen province’s leadership, the defense chief congratulated the province on its results obtained last year. He emphasized that as a locality rich in revolutionary traditions, Hung Yen province has exerted all-out efforts to gain achievements in socio-economic development. In 2021, despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the province continued to be an example in pandemic prevention and control, socio-economic development, and defense and security consolidation.

On the occasion, General Giang and the visiting delegation handed over 1.500 gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy workers in Vinh Phuc and Hung Yen provinces. As the lunar New Year is drawing near, he wished the two provinces’ Party Committees, authorities, and people health, happiness, and success.

General Phan Van Giang and the visiting delegation present gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy workers in Hung Yen province.

While visiting the Vinh Phuc and Hung Yen provincial Military Commands, General Phan Van Giang praised the units for their achievements in carrying out defense and military missions in 2021. In particular, the two units effectively built defensive areas, successfully organized exercises, and closely followed political security situation and gave advice to local Party committees and authorities to deal with issues in a timely and effective manner.

Regarding missions in the coming time, the defense minister asked the two units to continue embracing situational developments, foster cooperation with other forces, strictly maintain combat readiness duties, seriously observe pandemic prevention and control regulations, and make preparations for the upcoming enlistment drive. He also requested them to pay attention to troops’ material life during the lunar New Year.

General Giang presented gifts to the units and wished troops and their families a happy New Year.

At the meeting with the two province’s Public Security Department, General Giang expected that in the coming time the two units will closely cooperated with military units in the province to effectively carry out assigned missions, contributing to local development. 

During the visit to the Armored Officer Candidate School, General Giang delighted at the school’s fruitful development and outcomes in 2021. He hoped that the school will renew education methods to raise the quality of education and training.

He took the occasion to talk with Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian cadets at the school. During the conversation, General Giang said that as people and militaries of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia stood side by side and helped each other in the resistance war for national independence, the three militaries in peacetime should continue consolidating solidarity and together build a borderline of peace, stability, and development. The mission requires responsibility and efforts of troops, including those studying at the Armored Officer Candidate School.

Highlighting the school’s efforts in caring for local policy beneficiaries and troops, General Giang asked the unit to continue preparing for the upcoming lunar New Year and effectively carry out pandemic prevention and control.

While visiting the Northern Task Force on Drugs and Crime Prevention and Control under the Drugs and Crime Prevention Department under the Vietnam Border Guard Command, the defense minister acknowledged the units’ efforts and achievements over the past time.

General Giang added that as drugs and crime combat is a difficult and dangerous task, the unit’s personnel should raise their professionalism and skills to better meet task requirements. He also urged the unit’s troops to heighten their vigilance and strictly maintain combat readiness, especially during the lunar New Year holiday.

General Giang then presented gifts to the unit and wished the unit's troops and their families a happy New Year. 

Translated by Tran Hoai