On October 18, 2022, the Ministry of Justice issued a verification report on the proposal to develop a draft law on defense industry, security and industrial mobilization. The steering committee and the research team in charge of building the bill studied, comprehended, and explained the verification reports, made explanatory reports, and received verification opinions from the Ministry of Justice. They later edited and completed the content of the draft law.

Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang speaks at the session.

In its verification report, the Ministry of Justice agreed that it needs to develop a law on defense industry, security and industrial mobilization. The report recommended a clear definition of the list of defense industry and security industry products to avoid duplicate investment, wasting the state budget.

The report also required the supplementation of information and data to clarify impact assessments of policies and policy implementation solutions and making clear provisions of the bill on policies for key defense industry and security industrial facilities.

An overview of the event

On hearing opinions at the meeting, General Giang applauded the steering committee and research team for their active and proactive collaboration with relevant agencies and the Ministry of Public Security to build the draft law as scheduled.

The defense chief noted that the dossier of the law is built on the basis of three specialized fields of defense industry, security industry, and industrial mobilization which hold many differences in terms of industry scale, field of activity, technological capacity, target product, and more. Therefore, high requirements are placed in building mechanisms and policies to ensure both combination and specificity.

The steering committee and research team were asked to closely team with related agencies to review, study existing legal documents to ensure the unity in content and closeness to reality during the law-building. They should also guarantee the process of law-building as well as the logics and feasibility to explain and defend before authorized agencies, the Government and the National Assembly.

Translated by Mai Huong