General Giang speaks at the training course.

Durring the visit, General Giang was briefed on the inspection results of the training course on several contents such as building documents for logistical combat and supplies for defensive areas in military regions, emulation drive, line-up regulation, K54 shooting lessons 1b and 1c. The defense minister directly paid fact-finding trips to several facilities which are prepared to serve the trainees.

General Giang also toured several booths, which showcased new products made by the military logistical sector at the event.

General Giang inspects several facilities serving the training course.

Speaking at the meeting with the organizing panel of the training course, General Giang applauded the General Department of Logistics, especially the organizing panel and relevant forces, for their great efforts in holding the event.

He underlined that the military logistical sector has put in a great effort to complete logistical supplies, especially in the COVID-19 prevention and control, contributing to maintaining good physical health for the whole-military troops. He noted that the training course’s success will create a motivation for logistical personnel to improve their capability to meet task requirements in the current context.

General Giang watches several new products made by the military logistical sector.

Apart from that, General Giang also pointed out several shortcomings of the training course and required the organizing panel to soon overcome.

The defense leader required all trainees to actively disseminate their acquired knowledge to their staff in order to help them appropriately apply to their logistical supplies in units.

General Giang addresses the meeting with the organizing panel of the training course.

Previously, Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San checked the training course.

Translated by Trung Thanh