Lieutenant General Tran Duy Giang, Director of the General Department of Logistics (GDL), chaired the event.

According to the organizing panel, the training course is held for nearly 300 officers, including heads of the GDL, leaders and commanders of the GDL’s affiliated agencies and units, and others.

Delegates at the launching ceremony

It aims to promote training exercises on logistics work to raise participants’ logistical qualifications, so as to fulfill all assigned missions, reaching all set targets.

During the course, the trainees will be updated with new and important contents related to the impacts of the world, regional, and domestic situations on the military-defense and logistics work; logistics work in defensive operation and civil defense; some issues in digital transformation of military logistics, to name but a few.

Lieutenant General Tran Duy Giang speaking at the event

Through the three-day course, trainees can actively give recommendations and propose concrete solutions to implement logistics work in an effective manner, meeting the requirements of missions in the new period.

Additionally, trainees have a chance to tour logistics projects at all levels, participate in studies on scientific research products, technical innovation initiatives of the logistics sector, and new products of specialized departments and manufacturing logistics firms.

At the event, Lieutenant General Tran Duy Giang required participants to heighten their responsibility to acquire knowledge, strictly observe the class’s regulations, and ensure absolute safety in implementing training contents.

An overview of the event

Meanwhile, the organizing board should abide by the course’s prepared contents, promptly deal with arising issues, as well as closely coordinate with relevant agencies and units to ensure adequate accommodation for trainees and strictly maintain military discipline during the course.

Translated by Quynh Oanh