Sr. Lt. Gen. Vo Minh Luong inspects operations of the corporation’s affiliates.

At the event, Gen. Luong and his entourage heard a report on the company’s implementation of business and production tasks since 2022.

In particular, in 2022 and the first nine months of this year, the corporation has repaired and handed over 71 defense ships; built 28 new economic ships for domestic and foreign partners and customers; handed over 12 other ships; and repaired and handed over 35 out of 38 economic ships and 25 out of 27 economic products of all kinds.

Attentively, in terms of realizing production and business targets, the company achieved VND 611.012 billion in turnover in 2022, reaching 103% of the year plan. In the year, the average income was VND 11.449 million per person a month, reaching 122% of the year plan.

In the first nine months of this year, production value is estimated at VND 331.631 billion VND, meeting 47% of the year plan; revenue VND 310.811, achieving 46%; and average income VND 9.652 million a person per month, reaching 79% of the year plan.

Concluding the working session, Gen. Luong applauded the company’s directorate for their sense of responsibility, solidarity, and unity. He also shared difficulties facing the unit over the past time.

An overview of the working session

The deputy defense minister asked the corporation to continue to take advantage of its competency and experience in producing defense products and repairing, handing over defense ships on time and with good quality as scheduled and in unexpected conditions. He also requested it to strengthen foreign economic activities, partnerships to expand markets and seek new customer sources.

For authorized agencies, he urged them to continue giving advice to the Ministry of National Defense leaders to step by step remove difficulties and obstacles facing the corporation in the time ahead.

Translated by Mai Huong