The MND’s delegation was welcomed by Commander of the Commando Corps Major General Hoang Minh Son, and its Political Commissar Major General Vu Hong Quang.

Reportedly, in 2022, the whole corps strictly directed its troops to raise combat readiness to ensure safety during important events of the country while accomplishing all exercises.

Senior Lieutenant General Pham Hoai Nam speaks at the event.

The unit also organized training plans as scheduled with absolute safety, gaining high outcomes. Meanwhile, the Party and political work in the unit was strictly implemented.

Reportedly, all troops of the corps were determined to well perform their assigned tasks. The unit also attached much importance to the mobilization and policy work as well as logistics and technical services so as to meet task requirements.

In 2023, the corps will try their best to perform military and defense task and ensure combat readiness posture. They will also seriously grasp local situations in order to be ready in any circumstances, contributing to the building of a strong, comprehensive, exemplary, and outstanding unit, and raising the quality of military discipline and regulation observance.

The whole unit is determined to effectively implement resolutions, directives and conclusions of higher levels and well organize the Party and political work.

Concluding the working session, Senior Lieutenant General Pham Hoai Nam hailed the unit’s achievements over the past time, hoping that they would continue to uphold and bring into play the traditions of the commando force.

An overview of the working session

The deputy defense minister requested them to further make recommendations to the MND, promote training task to build a strong commando force, especially the anti-terrorist one, deserving the trust of the Party, State and military.

Besides, the Commando Corps should effectively make proposals on the purchase of specific weapons and equipment for the commando force of the whole military and concentrate on modernizing the force and promoting international diplomacy, among others.

He expressed his delight and belief that the corps would excellently accomplish all assigned missions in the coming time.

Earlier, Senior Lieutenant General Pham Hoai Nam and the delegation offered incense to pay tribute to fallen soldiers at the monument dedicated to fallen soldiers of the corps and visited Museum of the Commando Corps.

Translated by Minh Anh