General Cuong was accompanied by leaders of the province and local relevant departments.

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong and his entourage visit flood victims

Visiting each household, General Cuong encouraged them to overcome difficulties and resume their normal lives as soon as possible. He also urged them to strictly observe regulations on flood prevention and seek to mitigate damages and losses caused by the flooding.

Noting complicated developments of floods and rains in central Vietnam in general and in Quang Tri province in particular, General Cuong asked the local Party committee to continue surmounting difficulties, double-checking flood prevention and control plans, and inspecting major localities and places prone to landslides like dykes and dams so as to devise the most effective flood prevention and control plan.

He also requested military agencies and units stationed in the localities to work closely with local Party committees and authorities to devise flood prevention and search and rescue measures that are in line with the local situational developments.

These military agencies and units must mobilize forces and vehicles and join hands with other local forces to support locals in resuming their normal life as soon as possible.

Translated by Song Anh