At the meeting, the delegation comprehensively inspected Party and political work of the political organs of Division 377, its Regiment 274, and its command headquarters.

Lieutenant General Le Hien Van visits Division 377 of the Air Defense and Air Force Service

After checking the units’ task performance and listening to their reports, General Van highly applauded the division’s achievements over the past time, and asked them to continue to embrace  higher levels’ resolutions and directives, maintain high combat readiness, anticipate upcoming situations, prepare for the Party congresses at all levels, and provide political and theoretical education for troops. He underlined that these approaches will contribute to improving the combined strength of the military, thus to actively deal with any circumstances in the time to come.

In addition, the defense leader requested the unit’s Party committees and chains-of-command to build internal solidarity, maintain democratic mechanism, care for troops’ families, and conduct Party and political work in missions, especially in field and live-fire exercises.

Translated by Trung Thanh