Brigade 604 has been entrusted by the VPA’s General Staff to building a comprehensively-strong military unit model.

Under the instructions of higher levels, the brigade’s Party Committee and chain-of-command have paid due attention to developing combat plans, promoting training and combat readiness quality, and maintained around-the-clock smooth communications.

The brigade's chain-of-command welcomes Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang

In addition, the brigade has focused on embracing higher levels’ directives, strictly conducting regularity building, observing military discipline, and promoting troops’ political stance.

Concluding the working session, General Giang lauded the achievements in mission implementation of Brigade 604 in particular and Military Region 2 in general over the past years.

At the meeting

In the time to come, the Chief of the VPA’s General Staff requested the military region and the brigade to continue following troops’ thoughts and raise their political stance, improve quality of training and combat readiness, address existing shortcomings, and attach importance to the building of regularity and military discipline.

Moreover, the units should disseminate the results achieved by outstanding groups and individuals in a timely manner to fulfill all assigned tasks, he concluded.

Translated by Khanh Ngan