Reportedly, defense-economic units have closely coordinated with local authorities and socio-political organizations to carry out information dissemination work, present gifts to policy beneficiaries and needy people, mobilize people to follow the Party’s guidelines, viewpoints and State’s laws.

Lieutenant General Vu Hai San concludes the conference.

Concluding the conference, General San underscored that the MND has directed units in the whole military to seriously implement the Party’s guidelines and State’s laws and fulfill all assigned missions.

In addition, military regions, army corps, and defense-economic units were also asked to join hands with local authorities in performing their tasks while paying much attention to the building of defense-economic areas as planned.

On this occasion, the MND leader handed over the Prime Minister’s certificates of merit to two collectives and an individual, and the MND’s certificates of merit to 14 collectives and 14 individuals in acknowledgement of their outstanding achievements to the cause of national construction and defense.

Translated by Minh Ngan