Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Training under the General Department of Political Affairs Major General Do Thanh Phong and Second-in-Command of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command Senior Colonel Dam Xuan Tuan were present at the event.

At the meeting

Having inspected the unit, the delegation commended the close cooperation between the region and relevant forces in effectively grasping the local situation and being ready in any circumstances.

Regarding the Party and political work, the unit has embraced all directives, resolutions, plans, and guidelines of the higher levels in order to map out appropriate measures, contributing to improving its task performance.

Besides, the region has also maintained training as scheduled in line with COVID-19 prevention and control regulations. Their task performance has made contribution to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sovereignty and security protection; maintaining law enforcement; and ensuring order, security, and safety at sea.

On behalf of the delegation, General Thai requested the Coast Guard Region 2 Command to overcome shortcomings and limitations while continuing to raise the quality of political and legal education, and paying due attention to training in line with reality.

In addition, the unit should also boost military discipline observance so as to build an exemplary unit and promote patrol so as to ensure security, order and safety as well as law observance at sea, to name but a few.

Translated by Minh Anh