Defense Minister Gen. Phan Van Giang offers incense to Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap.

The incense offering on August 23 was to celebrate the late general’s 110th birthday (August 25, 1911-2021).

At the event, the delegation expressed their deep gratitude to General Vo Nguyen Giap - a loyal revolutionary, a close and outstanding disciple of President Ho Chi Minh, an outstanding military talent, a great man of culture, a remarkable contributor to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the country, and an exemplary and prestigious leader of the Vietnamese Party, State, people, military and international friends.

General Giap was the “Big Brother” of the Vietnam People’s Army who had fostered and developed the military into a strong and ever-victorious one. He was once a Politburo member, Secretary of the CMC, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnam People’s Army, and a deputy of the first to the seventh National Assembly.

Defense Minister Gen. Phan Van Giang writes in the remembrance book.

In the remembrance book, General Giang emphasized that in his over 80-year revolutionary career, General Giap made great contribution to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation. His name is closely attached to the establishment, combat, and development of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army, to great victories in the two resistance wars against French and American invaders, and to the national construction and safeguarding cause.

“The General’s talent, dignity, revolutionary ethics serve as a bright example for the entire military to study and follow to build a revolutionary, standardized, elite, and modernized military, meeting the requirements of the task of firmly building and defending the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,” the defense minister wrote.

Translated by Mai Huong