Delivering a report at the event, Major General Nguyen Van Than, Deputy Head of the Defense Strategy Institute which is in charge of building strategies, said the Drafting Panel has built concrete outlines for the National Strategy of Civil Defense following the directions of the MND and the General Staff.

Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang speaking at the event

The organ has organized numerous conferences to collect opinions from functional agencies both inside and outside the military and completed major contents of the strategy.

Addressing the event, General Giang praised the efforts of the Drafting Panel over the past time, and at the same time required them to continue accelerating the progress of building the strategy with a focus on forecasting future situations.

He also urged the Panel to consider factors that come from nature and people, such as the pandemic, when building the strategy. In conclusion, he asked the organ to collaborate with relevant units to organize more fact-finding trips in the time to come, and to summarize all opinions and comments of delegates at the meeting.

Translated by Trung Thanh