During the inspection, General Giang hailed the achievements in fulfilling the assigned missions of Battalion 11 under the Staff of Air Defense Division 375, Regiment 929 of Air Force Division 372 and Brigade 172 of Naval Region 3.

Particularly, since the beginning of the year, the units have strictly implemented the directions and instructions of higher levels and proactively overcome difficulties and fulfilled all assigned missions. The units have well maintained their combat readiness posture, closely grasped situations in order to promptly deploy forces for unscheduled missions while maintaining forces ever-ready to defeat plots and sabotage acts of hostile forces. They have also implemented combat plans as scheduled, held training courses for different groups of trainees.

Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang visits crewmembers of ship 276, Brigade 172 of Naval Region 2

General Giang requested the units’ chains-of-command to strictly maintain their combat readiness posture, observe military discipline, and build regularity at their units. He laid stress on troop combat training and management and physical training to firmly safeguard the skies and waters of the nation.

The unit leaders should understand thoughts of the soldiers and develop the harmonious relations between training officers and soldiers, while bringing into full play the role and responsibility of cadres at all levels in performing tasks in all aspects, he added.

The Chief of the General Staff assigned relevant agencies of the General Staff to summarize the units’ proposals to submit to the leaders of the General Staff and the Ministry of National Defense for consideration and approval.

Translated by Huu Duong