On the trip to Regiment 2, Division 395, Military Zone 3, General Giang and the mission checked the quality of the unit’s implementation of the assigned tasks as well as living conditions of troops.

Facts have shown that the regiment has well implemented the standby regulations and combat readiness, completed sets of documents and plans on combat readiness and other military contingencies, prepared sufficient logistics and technical equipment for various combat plans, and seriously drilled troops in military maneuvers and exercises, over the past years.

 Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang encouraging troops during his inspection trip

The unit has also deployed measures to improve the quality of officers while focusing on upgrading training grounds and training enlistees.

Acknowledging the achievements of the unit, General Giang also instructed it to continuously improve the quality of training, turning training work into a continual experience sharing process, to cement ties between officers at all levels and the ranks, and to frequently conduct dialogues between leaders at all levels and troops so as to learn troops’ aspirations and thoughts.

At a working session with authorities and armed forces of Quang Ninh province, General Giang discussed issues and approaches to strengthen leadership of local Party organizations over the implementation of defense and military missions and socio-economic activities in the province, as well as to effectively study and roll out the eighth Resolution of the 11th Party Central Committee on the strategy to protect the Fatherland in the new context and Resolution 28 of the Politburo to continuously build provinces and cities into firm defensive areas in the new context.

In the afternoon, General Giang and the defense mission visited Task Force Brigade 126 and the Command of Naval Zone 1. 

The Chief of General Staff and defense mission were briefed on the unit’s task performance and the command’s leadership since the beginning of this year. According to reports, the naval commando brigade under the leadership of the Command of Naval Zone 1 focused on training specialized skills for troops while thoroughly studying the technical features and functions of its newly-equipped weapons, seriously observing safety regulations during training and use of military weapons and equipment, and building on political stance for troops, contributing to raising the quality of troops’ task accomplishment.

To conclude the meeting, General Giang hailed the command and unit’s efforts to overcome difficulties to successfully fulfill their assigned tasks. The Chief of the General Staff also asked Party committees and commands at all levels of Naval Zone 3 to well conduct political and ideological education for troops and steel their will; improve physical strength, expertise, abilities and skills for naval commando troops; and strictly observe the military discipline and safety regulations. General Giang also asked units under the naval zone to always put on the alert to early detect contingencies at sea, and to effectively participate in search and rescue as well as natural disaster relief activities.

Translated by Thu Nguyen