The award was an honor for the hospital and sourced from all-out efforts of its medical personnel. It has opened up opportunities for the hospital to strengthen local and international cooperation in exchanging infection control experience and maintaining hand hygiene improvement.

The winners of the Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Excellence Award and Innovation Award 2021 at the awarding ceremony in Singapore on July 28 (Photo courtesy of the hospital)

The Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Excellence and Innovation Award was initiated by the Asia Pacific Association for Infection Control (APSIC) in collaboration with the Geneva University Hospitals in 2010. It honors medical facilities with the best hand hygiene program in the region and encourages excellent hand hygiene models to improve patient safety.

Overcoming difficulties caused the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the hospital's Faculty of Infectious Diseases was one among more than 20 candidates reaching the final round. It has made great efforts in launching the hand hygiene movement, educating awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and strengthening monitoring and supervision. On June 2, after going through a strict evaluation process based on actual data and images from the hospital's five-year report, the hospital became one of the five winning medical facilities to receive the Asia Pacific Hand Hygiene Excellence Award 2021 alongside representatives from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Translated by Chung Anh