The conference took place via an online format connecting two localities in Hanoi (Vietnam) and the United Kingdom.

Prof., Dr., Lieutenant General Mai Hong Bang speaks at the event.

Addressing the event, Prof., Dr., Lieutenant General Mai Hong Bang, Director of the Central Military Hospital 108, informed that Vietnam currently has nine medical facilities that can perform liver transplantation, with a total of 300 patients having liver transplanted so far. The Central Military Hospital 108 alone has performed 108 cases. The record number of liver transplants has made the hospital the largest liver transplantation center with the highest number of liver transplants from living donors in Vietnam (105 cases).

Particularly, in December 2020, the hospital’s medical staff performed five liver transplants in one week. On August 18, 2021, the hospital coordinated with doctors from the National Children’s Hospital to successfully conduct a liver transplant on an 18-month-old girl suffering from malignant hepatoblastoma. Especially, in November 2021, the Central Military Hospital 108 marked a new imprint in the world medical map with the successful performance of the first endoscopic surgery to take the right liver part from a living donor for liver transplantation in Vietnam.

At present, the hospital conducts 40-50 liver transplants each year. The hospital expects to raise its number of liver transplants to 100-150 cases per year.

With these impressive achievements, the Central Military Hospital 108 has been recognized as the official member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

U.K. Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward (left) hands over the certificate recognizing the hospital as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England to Lt. Gen. Mai Hong Bang.

Speaking at the event, Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San, Deputy Minister of National Defense, applauded the resounding success of the Central Military Hospital 108 in organ transplantation, especially in liver transplants over the past time.

Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San speaks at the event.

Meanwhile, he asked the hospital to improve the quality of transplantation techniques, boost research activities, give more recommendations to higher levels to set up centers for human organ and tissue transplants.

The hospital should launch more movements on organ donations, programs to call for organ donations as well as programs to honor the organ donors, complete the legal process in line with the State’s laws, to name but a few.

In conclusion, the defense leader expressed his belief that with the great efforts and high resolve of medical staff, the hospital would apply high-quality techniques to human organ and tissue transplantation, meeting the requirements of soldiers and people and on par with countries with developed healthcare systems in the region.

Gen. San (second from left) presenting certificates of merit to outstanding collectives

On the occasion, Gen. San presented MND’s certificates of merit to three collectives and five individuals for their contribution to the success of the 108 liver transplantation performances in the 2017-2021 period.

Translated by Quynh Oanh