The brigade’s troops have always embraced higher levels’ orders, maintained high combat readiness, and collaborated with local authorities to build combat tactics and deal with defense-security issues.

Photo for illustration. Source: VNA

In addition, they have prepared for training missions, built training grounds and teaching tools as well as improved the troops’ expertise. Up to now, 100 percent of the brigade’s troops fulfilled training courses, with 90 percent of the battalion-level officers and 80 percent of company and platoon levels achieving good results.

Speaking at the meeting, General Nghia praised efforts of the brigade’s troops to surmount difficulties and fulfill all assigned missions. He underscored that the unit’s Party organizations and chains-of-command should pay attention to improving the political stance of the troops, promoting the “Learning and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, morals and style” movement and other emulation drives, increasing  outstanding examples, and promptly awarding excellent individuals and groups.

Translated by Trung Thanh