Delegates watching technical initiative models of Brigade 144 

Major General Ho Thanh Tu, Director of the Department of Politics of the General Staff attended the event.

The contest, launched on July 5 at Military Region 9 with the participation of 36 tank-armored units from military regions, army corps, the Naval Service, Tank-Armored Arm, and military commands from cities and provinces nationwide.

Participating units competed in four categories, namely good tank-armored equipment and weapons, technical day activities and service stations, knowledge of tank-armored technical work and technical initiatives.

After the opening of the contest, the jury started checking and marking the competition category of Motorized Infantry Battalion 3 of Brigade 144.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Van Thinh, the brigade’s commander said that the contest was a chance for his unit to improve their knowledge of tank-armored technical work and have a common view on exploiting and maintaining weapons and other equipment as well as promote the quality of technical days’ activities and service stations and this would contribute to ensuring the good service of weapons and equipment for training and combat readiness missions of the unit’s affiliates and to well implementing the military campaign of “Good, durable, safe and economical management and exploitation of weapons and technical equipment and traffic safety”.

Translated by Mai Huong