At the meeting

According to reports delivered at the working session, the Border Guard Command has submitted plans to purchase more technical equipment to raise the border guard force’s capabilities of managing border areas and combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Particularly, the Border Guard Command proposed a project to install surveillance cameras in key areas along the borderlines. Installed cameras would be integrated with modern technologies to ensure security and smooth connection among commanding posts at all levels.

For border guard units stationed in coastal areas, the command suggested that the Ministry of National Defense should invest in a coastal surveillance system with cameras for round-the-clock monitoring. 

Having been approved by relevant authorities, the Border Guard Command is now working with the General Department of Defense Industry to complete the projects and submit them to the General Staff before sending them to the Ministry of National Defense for approval.

Speaking at the working session, General Thai asked agencies under the Border Guard Command to supervise and accelerate the projects on equipment purchases to meet the urgent requirements of their dual tasks of border management and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control.

Thai urged relevant agencies to prioritize realization of the projects in difficult and key localities, so as to raise border guard units’ capabilities of border management and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control work. 

Source: bienphong

Translated by Tran Hoai