The report delivered at the ceremony by the school’s Director Major General Trinh Hoang Hiep affirmed the academy fulfilled all assigned missions in the last academic year in spite of difficulties. Particularly, the academy made breakthroughs in building a smart school with a lot of applications of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), and training over 2,000 students with good results.

Major General Trinh Hoang Hiep delivers a speech at the ceremony 

Further, the school also conducted 86 scientific studies and won one first, one second, one third, and one consolation prizes at the Military Creative Youth Awards. Especially, the academy sent a large number of its staff members, lecturers, and cadets to border areas in Northern provinces to control border crossings, contributing to preventing COVID-19 from spreading into the country.

In addition, the Border Guard Academy also attached much importance to raising the qualifications of education and training for its lecturers and education managers.

In the coming time, the school will continue to review its training programs, adjust curricula with more practices and knowledge and skills useful for their future work.

Especially, the unit targets to further apply information technology in training, renovate training methods and programs, raise the quality of foreign language teaching and learning, and improve research in the management and protection of national sovereignty and border security.

Translated by Khanh Ngan