Real Admiral Nguyen Dinh Hung, Commanding General of Naval Region 4, chaired the welcoming ceremony.

Addressing the event, Real Admiral Nguyen Dinh Hung congratulated and hailed the contingent for their fruitful achievements with high ranking position and absolute safety of personnel, weapons and equipment.

VPN troops saluting the port

The Vietnamese Naval Contingent, competing at the Army Games 2021 for the first time, bagged the silver medal. In particular, the naval athletes ranked first in the AK-176 naval rapid-fire gun shooting contest and shared the first prize with the host Russia in two events, “Controlling Water Intake at the Shoreline Training Facility” and “Using life-saving appliances.” In the “14.5mm marine pedestal machine” and “Sea Training” events, the Vietnamese naval team performed well and came in second. In addition, Naval Lieutenant Nguyen Tien Duy, the Maritime Division Head of Ship 016, was also recognized as the Best Head of Marine.

Frigate 016-Quang Trung docks at Cam Ranh port.

The VPN's participation in the two major events was considered a significant step forward in boosting the bilateral traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and Russia, and strengthening cooperation between the two militaries and navies. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Naval Contingent's outstanding performance during the competition demonstrated its competence and mastery of weapons. This is also an opportunity for participating countries’ naval forces to exchange and gain experience from each other in the field of training and weaponry mastery.

Real Admiral Nguyen Dinh Hung speaks at the welcoming ceremony.

Naval Senior Captain Trinh Xuan Tung, Deputy Commanding Officer of Naval Region 4, on behalf of the VPN contingent, conveyed his satisfaction and pride in their accomplishments this year. Especially, he also revealed that the Russian Navy's Deputy Commander praised the VPA's thorough preparation for the Army Games 2021.

After a long voyage at sea, the delegation returned home as scheduled with absolute safety.

Following the ceremony, all contingent members had their samples taken for COVID-19 testing and are quarantined according to regulations of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Defense’s Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.

Translated by Minh Anh