General Tan’s request was made during his attendance in a meeting held by the academy’s Party Committee to review the implementation of the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 791 on managing science, technology and environment in the military by 2020 and following years on June 23.

Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan speaks at the meeting.

Since 2012, the Army Academy has led, directed and implemented the resolution in a serious, close, and creative manner and defined  scientific research one of its key tasks.

The academy has actively done research, innovated and perfected mechanisms and management processes for scientific, technological and environmental activities according to its capability, potential, needs and real conditions.

Attentively, in the 2013-2022 period, the school has completed 11 ministerial-level scientific projects, 27 department-level projects, 172 grassroots-level projects, 25 technical innovation initiatives, among others.

The academy’s achievements in scientific, technological and environmental activities have importantly contributed to the military modernization cause and the building of a standardized, modernized, and exemplary academy with high education and training quality and efficiency.

Delegates at the event

In his speech, General Tan asked the academy to strengthen the leadership of the Party in the resolution implementation. In addition, it should increase the application of information technology and digital transformation in education and training, improve command of foreign languages for its cadres, instructors, and cadets, focus its studies on high-tech warfare, and constantly innovate teaching contents and methods using latest scientific and technological advances in order to improve the academy’s military science potential.

Translated by Mai Huong