The district holds strategic importance in economy, politics, defense, security and external affairs. Over the past years, along with implementing defense and security tasks, A Luoi district’s Military Command has closely worked with functional forces to build the Vietnam - Laos borderline of peace, solidarity, and development.


The armed forces of A Luoi and Kaleum districts in a joint patrol to protect the borderline and border markers

According to Colonel Ho Van Hoa, Political Commissar of the district’s military command, A Luoi consists of 12 border communes and two international border gates, namely Hong Van and A Dot, and  many other border crossings.

However, due to complicated terrain conditions, locals’ living standards are not the same, while there remain backward customs practiced in the area. Therefore, hostile forces have tried to boost “peaceful evolution” plots, aiming to harm the Vietnam - Laos friendship as well as the solidarity and close-knit ties between the two peoples along the shared borderline.

Thus, the district’s military command has joined with local authorities to implement dissemination work to raise public awareness of the hostile forces’ plots, thereby firmly ensuring border security and traditional relations between the two countries.

Chairman of the A Roang commune People’s Committee Ho A Lua held that the commune is managing five markers and nearly 10km of borderline with Ka Lo village, Kaleum district. “We absolutely trust the Party leadership and always report to local authorities whenever we see strangers in the area,” he added.

Both sides cleaning areas around the marker

The district’s Military Command has also held meetings between Defense-Economic Unit 92 (Military Region 4), border posts and public security force stationed in the area, and Lao border protection force to grasp situations and share information so as to be ready to address any arising issues. They have also conducted patrols along the shared borderline to safeguard the border areas.

Hong Van is a border commune in A Luoi district, with complicated terrain conditions. Therefore, the commune’s military command has actively grasped the situation and made proposals to local authorities, together with the Border Post of Hong Van Border Gate to conduct patrols and clean areas around the markers, contributing to ensuring political security and social order in the areas.

In addition, A Luoi district Military Command has also attached much importance to building a firm militia force, meeting task requirements, while making recommendations to local authorities to enhance the political system in border areas, promote socio-economic development, and ensure defense and security.

Especially, over the past years, the two countries’ villages along the shared borderline have been sister villages. The active contribution of A Luoi district’s armed forces has paved the way for building the Vietnam - Laos borderline of stability, peace, solidarity and development.

Translated by Minh Anh