Upon arriving in the city, the team immediately studied safety requirements for handling weapons and ammunitions, and did physical exercises.

Vietnamese military snipers competed at the Army Games 2019

At 20:00 the same day, the Vietnamese team joined a lot-drawing to select the competition order. According to the drawing results, The Vietnamese sniper team and five other teams from Armenia, Tajikistan, Russia, Serbia, and Belarus will compete for points. Six teams will join a classification exercise of the first stage to choose four teams for Group A1 and the rest for Group A2.

The Belarusian sniper teams No. 2 and 3 and the Russian sniper team No. 2 will join the competition without counting points. In this contest, sniper teams from Iran, the U.K., Qatar, and Pakistan will be observers.

On the same day, the Vietnamese snipers received and checked weapons.

As planned, on August 21, the organizers will hold a meeting to introduce 23 shooting exercises to contestants.

Reported by Xuan Hong from Brest, Belarus

Translated by Mai Huong