Naval Lieutenant Myo Thu Kyaw from Flotilla No.1 of the Myanmar Navy shared his views in a recent interview with reporters from the People's Army Newspaper.

Naval Lieutenant Myo Thu Kyaw arrived in Vladivostok city (Russia) on August 23 as a Myanmar naval observer for the "Sea Cup" event in the framework of the Army Games 2021. He kept track of the outcomes of each competing contingent throughout the “Sea Cup” event. It was a pretty close race, especially between the first and second teams, demonstrating that all of the competitors gave it their all in the game, contributing to interesting performances both at sea and onshore.

Naval Lieutenant Myo Thu Kyaw (center) in an interview with reporters of the People's Army Newspaper

Myo Thu Kyaw held that as Vietnam and Myanmar are both ASEAN member countries, he and his contingent wholeheartedly supported the Vietnamese naval troops during this game. He was also impressed by Vietnam’s performance during the “Sea Cup” event, especially in the recent AK-176MA naval rapid-fire gun shooting at sea. Witnessing Vietnamese naval athletes competing in “ship’s damage repairing” and “Using life-saving appliances” exercises, he stressed, “I noticed that the Vietnamese players all closely coordinated together to accomplish the competition in a scientific and accurate manner with a smart strategy.”

Previously, the host Russia and China had experienced the “Sea Cup” event, so they were familiar with the competition. Meanwhile, this was the first time Vietnam has participated in such an event. However, from his point of view, all the teams have made great efforts in this year’s competition, contributing to creating a useful playground.

He also took detailed notes of the participating teams’ activities in the “Sea Cup” competition. These are invaluable information that will help the Myanmar Navy make meticulous preparations for its participation in the Army Games when ready. In the meantime, Myanmar hopes to learn more experience from other countries, including the Vietnam People’s Navy, to best prepare for the games.

The “Sea Cup” event is expected to attract a large number of countries. “Hopefully, Myanmar will be able to join the competition next year,” said Myo Thu Kyaw.

Regarding the Vietnamese naval force’s potential for the Army Games in the future, the Myanmar observer affirmed that Vietnam has outstandingly performed in this year’s competition and ranked second in the “Sea Cup” event, setting the premise for the country to compete in the next Army Games.

Reported from Vladivostok, Russia

Translated by Minh Anh