These days, the sniper team of the Vietnam People’s Army is actively preparing for the Army Games 2020 which will take place in August.

All events are tougher

Snipers practice shooting

This year’s competition themed “Sniper Frontier” will take place in Belarus again. Therefore, the Vietnamese snipers are familiar with the terrain, weather and rules of the games. In addition, the Vietnamese sniper team feels confident because of their good performance at the Army Games 2019. They were ranked among the top eight teams after the first stage of the games and seventh among 21 participating teams in the finals. Vietnamese snipers also landed on the third position in one category of the competition.

Colonel Bui Danh Hieu, head of the Vietnamese sniper team, said that the competition consists of four stages, namely the individual, the double, the team, and the “Who is faster.” The first stage decides which teams are able to join all 23 shooting events of the competition while the fourth stage will decide the winners, he stressed.

The head held that this year’s shooting events require competitors to closely understand the rules and practice effective collaboration with each other.

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Kim Nam, deputy head of the Vietnamese sniper team, revealed that the competitors have to move from 300 to 1,000 meters overall and use different types of guns such as the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle, the AK-47 assault rifle, and the K59 pistol to shoot at targets.

Bravery and strength of the Vietnam People’s Army

After three months of practicing at Mieu Mon Training Center, the Vietnamese snipers have trained with many difficult shooting contents to improve their speed, strength, and shooting skills. Some of them even sustained hand injuries while they were crossing obstacles.

Snipers practice crossing obstacles.

However, they have always surmounted hardships and been determined to complete all training contents.

Notably, the “Find and kill” shooting lesson in the double stage is a hard one. It requires the all-out efforts of each sniper. Each of them has one bullet and has to find and shoot at targets within three minutes, including one minute for preparation. If the dual snipers shoot the wrong targets or the time for two shots is longer than 0.5 seconds, they will be eliminated.

In addition, all snipers train and maintain their fitness every day by doing exercises like running, gymnastics, and so on.

Ahead of the Army Games 2020, the Vietnamese sniper team is ready and determined to achieve the best results in the Games, contributing to showing the bravery and strength of the Vietnam People’s Army and enhancing friendship with other militaries.

Translated by Trung Thanh