The event was attended by Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia, Deputy Chief of the General Staff and Head of the Steering Committee for the Vietnam People’s Army’s participation in the Army games 2020.

At the meeting, Deputy Chief of the Military Training Department under the General Staff Major General Tran Van Ba briefed delegates on the results of the Vietnamese troops’ training and preparations for the Army Games 2020. He recalled that having developed detailed training plans, participating teams of the Vietnam People’s Army immediately started training to raise their competence, resolve, and physical fitness, so as to achieve better results than last year.

At the send-off ceremony

Their efforts and determination in training were highly appreciated by the Department of Military Training and relevant agencies and units. “All participating teams of the Vietnam People’s Army are now ready for the Army Games 2020. Based on the training results of each team, the Vietnamese delegation is highly determined to set new records at the Army Games 2020,” said General Ba.

Highlighting Vietnamese participating teams’ preparations for the Army Games 2020 in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Nghia emphasized that the Army Games are an opportunity for participating militaries to meet and strengthen mutual understanding, demonstrate their combat readiness capabilities, and learn from one another’s experiences. Recalling the achievements of the Vietnamese teams at the Army Games 2019, General Nghia asked them to promote unity and try their best to achieve the highest possible results at this year’s event while strictly exercising military disciplines, regulations of the host countries, and rules of the games. He also encouraged the troops to learn from their peers, pay attention to their health, and protect themselves from COVID-19 during the games. 

On behalf of the delegation, Colonel Pham Tuan Luc, Deputy Command and Chief of Staff of Brigade 229 under the Engineering Corps and head of the engineering team, said that over the past time, participating teams have overcome all difficulties to make thorough preparations for the defense foreign relations event and are ready to bring glory to the nation. After arriving in the host country, the troops will actively get used to training grounds and equipment, which will be used during the competitions.

This will be the third time that the Vietnam People’s Army will have taken part in the games which is annually organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense. This year will also see the largest number of Vietnamese teams participating in the games, including those competing for the first time in artillery, dog handling, and communications.

According to the heads of the teams competing in the Field Kitchen and True Friend events, they are all ready and determined to achieve the highest possible results at the Army Games 2020.

Colonel Le Mạnh Huong, Head of the service dog team, reviewed that apart from professional coaches, the team will bring five “special weapons” - well-trained dogs to the games.

Meanwhile, the art troupe of the Vietnam People’s Army will participate in the Friendship House event and join an art performance in the framework of the Army Games 2020. Colonel Dang My Hanh, Head of the Vietnamese Art Troupe, said that all performances of the team will focus on peace, cooperation, and development. This year, apart from introducing Vietnam’s culture, landscapes, people, and tradition of the Vietnam People’s Army, the team will arrange a folk painting corner which popularizes special cultural features of three regions of Vietnam. Performances of the Vietnamese team will also include songs and dances praising solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Russia.

With thorough preparations, the Vietnamese delegation is ready and determined to attain the highest possible results at the Army Games 2020, contributing to strengthening friendship among participating armies and popularizing the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers, Vietnam, and its people to international friends.

In Russia, the delegation of the Vietnam People’s Army will compete in events, namely Tank Biathlon, Safe Route, Safe Environment, Emergency Area, True Friend, Field Kitchen, Master of Artillery Fire. An art troupe of the Vietnam People’s Army will join the cultural festival, “Friendship without borders,” at the games in the country. Vietnamese Sniper and Signal teams will also compete in Sniper Frontier and Consistent Reception events in Belarus, while the Military Medical Team will join the “Military Medical Relay Race” in Uzbekistan.

Translated by Tran Hoai