At the reception

During the reception at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense, General Minh emphasized that together with the Vietnam-US comprehensive partnership, the bilateral defense ties have been developing fruitfully. This has been vividly demonstrated in several areas of cooperation, such as humanitarian aid, natural disaster relief, personnel training and experience-sharing in joining United Nations peacekeeping operations, and overcoming the aftermaths of war.

General Minh also voiced a wish that the two militaries would further their cooperation in the coming time on the basis of equality, mutual respect for the benefit of each country and for peace and stability in the region.

Echoing the Vietnamese officer’s opinion, Admiral Scott Swift held that there remains much room for the development of the US-Vietnam defense ties and confirmed that in his position, he would do his utmost to develop the bilateral defense ties in an intensive, practical and effective manner.

Translated by Mai Huong