Over the past time, members of the company’s Women Union and Youth Union have supported local people in Abyei to plant vegetables. From the very first small garden at Abyei High School, local cultivated area has been considerably expanded.

Giving seeds and seedlings to local people.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Tuyen, Political Commissar of the company, underlined that the teachers and students at Abyei High School have successfully realized cultivation techniques and experience of members of the unit’s Women Union. These products are brought to their daily meals. Even the model is spread to other local families.

Previously, the teachers and students at Abyei High School joined a field trip to a garden of the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 1. They also processed and enjoyed dishes made of the garden’s produce.

They also visited the company several times to learn how to prepare the soil, seed, and grow vegetables from Vietnamese female officers here.

Guiding teachers and students of Abyei High School to grow vegetables

At the same time, members of the company’s Women Union and Youth Union came to Abyei High School to directly instruct the school’s teachers and students. Seeds are brought from Vietnam while saplings are from the company’s garden.

They then reaped the fruit of their labor. The large garden with potato, corn, sweet potato, bean and squash... provides enough vegetables for lunch of the teachers and students at Abyei High School. The construction of a well of fresh water, a water tank and a fresh water supply pipeline system, conducted by the company’s troops, has facilitated their gardening work.

Local people visit the vegetable of the Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 1.

Up to now, this model has been popularized among local residents. A number of families are now able to meet their demand for vegetables by themselves.

Translated by Minh Anh