Mr. Ha Nang Thao and his wife Ha Thi Thuy

Their son-in-law, Nguyen Xuan Hoan, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union's Affairs Committee in Russia, is working as an interpreter for the Vietnamese contingent.

Since the athletes arrived in Moscow, Hoan has wholeheartedly helped them, particularly in providing information about the contest and ensuring logistic service.

Hoan also informed his family about the problem after learning that the Vietnamese soldiers found Russian foods unfamiliar to them. Right after that, Mr. Ha Nang Thao and Mrs. Ha Thi Thuy, his parents-in-law, bought crabs to cook a popular Vietnamese dish, while harvesting vegetables in their garden like water spinach, spinach, jute, perilla and marjoram to present to the Vietnamese “Army of Culture” Contingent.

All members of the Vietnamese contingent were moved by the meaningful gifts from the overseas Vietnamese family.

Reportedly, Thao and Thuy are fallen soldiers’ children. In the 1980s, they were sent to Russia to work as employees at the KhBK Textile Factory complex. They then decided to stay in Krasnodar, Russia to start a business.

Regarding the reason why they chose Krasnodar, Thao said that because it is the capital of Southern Russia, endowed with temperate climate and diverse culinary culture. The weather here is ideal for Vietnamese people’s health, crop and poultry farming.

Vegetables that Mr. Ha Nang Thao and his wife Ha Thi Thuy give to Vietnamese "Army of Culture" Contingent.

His family currently has a 100-square-meter vegetable and fruit garden (on Kovchiuakha street, CBD of Krasnodar city). Water spinach, spinach, jute veggies, perilla, marjoram... are all growing well in this season. The couple immediately harvested and delivered them to the Vietnamese “Army of Culture” Contingent in Moscow.

Thao hoped that their small gifts would encourage all of the contingent members, helping them eat properly and sleep well to maintain their health and prepare for the upcoming competitions. Besides, they also told their son-in-law to well fulfill his assigned task so as to best support the contingent.

Translated by Minh Anh