Senior Colonel Luong Dinh Hung, Director of the Department of Professional and Legal Affairs under the Vietnam Coast Guard Command and Colonel Ding Wengang, Minister of Law Enforcement, Hainan Division of the Chinese Coast Guard, co-chaired the event.

Vietnamese delegation at the meeting
Senior Colonel Luong Dinh Hung at the event

The two sides discussed crime situation in Vietnam-China maritime border and orientations of their coordination in combating crimes and violations of law at sea.

Since the signing of the Boundary Delimitation Agreement in the Gulf of Tonkin in 2004, Vietnam and China have seriously implemented it, thus strengthening the traditional friendship and neighborliness between the two countries and upholding and boosting stability and development in the sea area in the Gulf of Tonkin.


According to the Vietnamese coast guard force, on the delimitation line in the Gulf of Tonkin, the points from No.1 to No.9 belong to Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province which is busy with export and import activities and goods transactions with China. The place is ideal for trade activities and also providing chances for bad people to violate law.

The Chinese coast guard delegation at the online meeting

Senior Colonel Luong Dinh Hung said that violations cause insecurity in the areas bordering both countries.

Regarding their coordination, the two sides agreed to organize joint patrols from point No.1 to point No.9 quarterly and share information about crimes and violations in the Gulf of Tonkin with a focus on smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration.

An overview of the meeting

Based on the development of crimes and violations, the two sides will report to their higher levels to allow the Coast Guard Region 1 Command of Vietnam and the Nanhai Division of China to organize a joint exercise on fighting against crimes in the waters in Quang Ninh (Vietnam) and Fangcheng port (China) this year.

Translated by Song Anh