At the meeting

The meeting was co-chaired by Lieutenant General Thai Dai Ngoc, Commander of Military Region 4, and General Huot Chieng, Commander of Military Region 1.

At the event, the two sides highly appreciated their cooperation over the past time. They emphasized that last year, despite complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, they gave support to each other and boosted coordination. They actively exchanged information, conducted joint patrols along the shared borderline. In addition, they enhanced dissemination about the outcomes of the Vietnam-Cambodia comprehensive partnership as well as greetings on important events of the two countries and militaries.

Attentively, the two sides worked closely in COVID-19 prevention and control work. The Vietnamese side and its affiliates presented medical supplies and other necessaries, totally worth over VND 1.35 billion to Cambodian units and gave VND 3.5 billion in financial support to build friendly structures in Cambodia.

The two sides sign cooperation agreement for 2022.

At the meeting, the two sides reached agreement on cooperation program for 2022 with a focus on enhancing education and information dissemination to raise awareness of troops and people of the two countries, especially young ones on the friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Cambodia.

They will regularly exchange information, update each other on political security, social order and safety along the shared borderline and acts of sabotage of hostile forces.

Furthermore, they will work closely in patrolling and monitoring border areas, preventing illegal entry and exit and cross-border crimes.

The Vietnamese side presents VND 1 billion to the Cambodian side.

Together with COVID-19 prevention, the two military regions will send forces and vehicles to help the other side in disaster relief. They will protect outcomes of demarcation and marker planting, and actively give advice to speed up the progress of demarcation and land marker planting.

Cambodian Military Region 1 will continue to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese search and collection teams to collect information and repatriate remains of fallen Vietnamese troops and advisors in the war in Cambodia.

Also at the meeting, the Military Region 5 Command gave VND 1 billion to the Military Region 1 Command of Cambodia to purchase office equipment and presented gifts to the Cambodian delegation members on the occasion of the Chol Chnam Thmay.

Translated by Mai Huong