The activity was in celebration of the 132nd birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - 2022), towards the 8th founding anniversary of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations (May 27, 2014 - 2022), and 47th founding anniversary of Military Hospital 175 (May 26, 1975 - 2022).

The tree-planting activity attracted the participation of a lot of local people who first joined the event with curiosity and then with excitement after learning the significance of the event. Some actively asked for more trees to plant and take care of the trees themselves.

This activity was meaningful to both improving the landscape of the place for medical examination and treatment and boosting the two hospitals’ bond. This also helped improve the quality of life of the hospital staff and make the arid land of Bentiu green.

The tree-planting activity took place before the L2FH Rotation 3 left Bentiu for the homeland.

Below are several photos of this significant activity.

The two hospitals’ personnel and local people join hands in planting trees.
The seedlings are taken from the tree incubator of the L2FH Rotation 3.
Planting trees on the campus
Lieutenant Colonel Vu Minh Duong, Commanding Officer of the L2FH Rotation 4, watering the trees
Green sprouts of hope are cherished on the arid land of Bentiu.

Reported by Tran Lien - Nguyen Dam from Bentiu, South Sudan

Translated by Mai Huong