The two patrol teams meeting

According to the approved plan, the two units patrolled the 3-km border section from border markers 2 to 3 on the shared borderline of Vietnam and China. 

During the patrol, the two sides checked border markers and exchanged information related to border management and protection work.

Since the activities through the A Pa Chai (Vietnam) - Longfu (China) checkpoint were resumed, immigration regulations have been tightened. Therefore, the two sides have actively stepped up dissemination of border exit and entry regulations to people and mobilized them not to join or abet transborder smuggling and illegal transporting of goods.

This regular activity of the border forces of the two sides aimed to enhance their coordination in managing and protecting border areas and combating transborder criminal activities, contributing to maintaining political security and public order in border areas.

The bilateral patrols also aim to maintain stability and social order in border areas of Muong Nhe district, Vietnam’s Dien Bien province and Jiangcheng district, China’s Yunnan province and discover and handle violations of regulations and agreements between the two sides in a timely manner, contributing to maintaining a borderline of peace, stability, and development.

Translated by Tran Hoai