At the meeting, Major General Nguyen Hong Du, General Director of the center highlighted the development in the relationship between the two countries and recalled the Russia visit of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in September this year. During the visit, the two sides signed a new agreement with some revision and supplements to the previous agreement on the center. The newly signed agreement serves as a good foundation for the directorate of the center to strengthen its coordination with the Russian side.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh chairing the event

Regarding the center’s outcomes this year, Gen. Du said that the center has carried out 21 scientific theme projects and three technical missions in three research fields, including tropical durability, tropical ecology and tropical biomedicine. These projects and missions have achieved positive results and been applied in the reality to serve defense-military work as well as contribute to the national development.

Gen. Du also underscored the center’s achievements in personnel training and attraction of experienced scientists.

Regarding the center’s directions and missions for 2019, Gen. Du held that the center will continue improving the efficiency of its operation as a scientific and technological cooperation unit between the two countries, promoting strength of the Vietnamese subcommittee and taking advantage of the cooperation with the Russian side.

Besides, the center will boost scientific research, scientific and technological services with high application values to serve the defense and economic development of the country as well as to benefit both sides. It will also work with other domestic and international research and training facilities so as to boost cooperation in military technology and other fields with these countries.

In his speech, Gen. Vinh stated that in spite of various difficulties during the year, the center has well cooperated with the Russian side and other military and civilian agencies and units to successfully handle all emerging problems, and united in implementing missions assigned by the State and the Ministry of National Defense.

Gen. Vinh asked the center to keep embracing the guidelines, viewpoints and directions of the Party, State, Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense on scientific and technological development and international cooperation while making use of current conditions and potentials of the Russian side, as well as strengths of the Vietnamese side to further develop the center to meet the requirements of its new tasks and bring more benefits to each side while prioritizing the implementation the military-defense missions.

Translated by Mai Huong