PANO - The Joint Committee of the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center opened a plenum for the center's Vietnamese Subcommittee on November 16, with the participation of Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Defense Minister and Co-chairman of the Joint Committee and Chairman of the Vietnamese Subcommittee of Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center.

At the conference

Over the past time, the center’s Board of Directors worked with the Russian side, and Vietnam’s military and civilian agencies and units to successfully fulfill the center’s assigned missions. Since the beginning of 2016, the center has conducted 19 scientific research projects on tropical durability, ecology, and biomedicine. Noticeably, since 2015, the unit has implemented four State-level and four Defense Ministry-level projects.

In the coming time, the center is going to maintain and improve the efficiency of its science and technology cooperation with the Russian side; and also promote scientific research and scientific and technical services.

At the end of the conference, General Vinh asked the center to actively seek strategic directions, expand its international cooperation, and further improve its scientific research capabilities; and to well prepare activities to observe its 30th founding anniversary in 2017.

Translated by Hong Thanh