Vietnamese Tank team wins a silver medal at the Army Games 2019.

With their impressive performances at the Army Games 2019, the participating Vietnamese teams, including Tank, Field Kitchen, Engineer, Search and Rescue, Military Art Troupe, Chemical, Sniper and Medicine, left strong impression on the host countries, the media and international friends.

At the competitions in the Alabino training ground in Russia, international friends were surprised at the significant improvement of the Vietnamese Tank team who participated in such a big defense external event for only the second time, but successfully bagged a silver medal for Vietnam. Major General Nekrasevich, Head of the Tank contingent of Belarus, said that the performances of the Vietnamese Tank team were far better than the previous time. He strongly believed that the Vietnamese team will achieve better results in the future. 

In spite of joining the event for the first time, the Chemical, Engineer and Search and Rescue contingents also contributed unforgettable performances to the spectators and won bronze medals. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese snipers proved their skills as they successfully advanced to the second round even though they competed with much stronger and more experienced rivals. The team was considered a phenomenon in this year’s competition.

International friends congratulate Vietnamese Tank team.

Similarly, the Field Kitchen and Medicine teams won complements from the jury, other participating teams and spectators.

Achievements recorded by the Vietnamese teams in the Army Games 2019 proved the Vietnamese troops’ professional competence and capabilities of mastering weapons and military equipment and their iron will and resolve to bring glory to the nation. Their impressive performances contributed to popularizing the image of Vietnam, its people and military to international friends as well as affirming the strength of the Vietnam People’s Army in the international military arena.

More significantly, two performances of Vietnamese artists Nguyen Duy Thinh and Nguyen Thi My Linh won first prizes in the music and dance categories at the Cultural Festival, themed “Friendship without borders,” at the Friendship House in the Alabino training ground. The music of Dan bau (gourd lute – a Vietnamese one-stringed traditional instrument) by Nguyen Duy Thinh and My Linh’s dance at the closing ceremony spread the spirit of friendship, peace-loving and cooperation to participants.

Vietnamese artist Nguyen Thi My Linh performed at the closing ceremony.

Meanwhile, the “Vietnam’s Corner” at the Friendship House contributed to popularizing the image of a culturally-rich, peace-loving and strongly and comprehensively developing Vietnam to international friends. During the event, Vietnam’s booth attracted around 4,500 visitors and become a favorite destination of Russian veterans and Vietnam lovers.

Reported by My Hanh (From Russia)

Translated by Tran Hoai